“You went to town? You went towards where the bombs were falling? Well, that’s where the people would be, that needed help.”
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Guernsey Invasion
A photo much loved by German propagandists during the War. Courtesy of The Priaulx Library & Occupation Archive
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Upon realising the island was undefended, the Germans advanced with no further force, with officers arriving on the 30th June to accept Guernsey’s surrender. Following the terms of the Geneva Convention, the Islanders responded to invasion by offering no resistance but also no collaboration.

The States of Guernsey handed overall control to the German authorities while the day-to-day running of the Island became the responsibility of a Controlling Committee, required to enforce new German directive. Meanwhile, the German soldiers’ set about Hitler’s orders to turn the Island into an "impregnable fortress".

The Bombing of St Peter Port
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Guernsey Occupation

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